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Kareena Kapoor Sex

Hello everyone, my name is bob & I am not a terrorist that line was from a Bollywood movie ). Alright I am a big fan of ISS & I have read so many stories here in multiple categories, which motivated me to write stories of my dreams.. Boys if you do not like my stories so I can understand because I am virgin & these are nothing but imaginations of mine. But if at all you like it then never forget to give your comments because that will help me in writing further.
Alright this story is about one of my dreams. After the launch of Kareena kapoor in the Bollywood, I became one of her biggest fans. But when I saw ajnabee movie & that sexy song with Akshay Kumar. I couldn’t control myself & keep on doing masturbation that night. I believe it 3-4 times when I released sperm thinking about her & then I slept. Here my dream starts I am a big fashion photographer & I take photographs of super models. One day I received a call from randheer kapoor, he asked me to come for a dinner. Because my relations were good in the Bollywood industry that’s why I got that offer.
As I got the dinner offer from the kapoor’s family, I was getting ready for it. I took a move color shirt, an armaani jacket, a black trouser & a move color matching tie. With my merc c class I went to their house. In randheer kapoor’s family I was aware about him, his wife babita & his daughter karishma. Kareena was not launched yet so I was not aware about her. I went inside & said hello by giving hugs to everyone. When I hugged Kareena, some sensation went inside my body which never happened earlier. Being a fashion photographer it is a very usual routine of meeting sexy girls & giving hugs. But this was special.
As I was not aware about this girl, I enquired from Karishma who’s that girl. She replied bob she is my younger sis Kareena. I said wow! How beautiful she is, Karishma was little jealous at that gesture of mine but I didn’t care & keep on staring her. Then Mr. Kapoor said bob the reason behind calling you here is we are thinking about launching Kareena in Bollywood & we have got one offer as well. Now your job is to get some good pictures of her, so that it will be easy to promote her. The producer will also be meeting you to let you know about the promotion details. I want you to start doing shooting with her & get some good pictures before you met producer.
I said fine & looked at Kareena & asked her to visit my studio tomorrow. She just nodded her head. From her expressions, I cannot say that she was nervous, excited, happy or not. But I was happy that I would be looking at her whatever way I want. We had dinner & I was off from the place. Again we hugged each other to say goodbye & again some sensation went through my body when I hugged her. This was little unusual for me but I kept thinking about her & after reaching my place I masturbated thinking about her. Next day I was watching some recent pics of some models which recently shot in my studio. Suddenly some girl enters my cabin & said hi bob
I didn’t look who was there & asked her to sit. As she sat there I looked upon to see who’s that. I was shocked to see Kareena. I quickly got up, said hi & hugged her. I started looking at her what she was wearing, how she was looking etc. Now the description she was wearing a light pink color top in which a small size 20 cup bra as her boobs were very small. Bottom was a sky-blue color jeans with 24 size waste. She was completely skinny. I asked her dear you are very skinny, you need to have a perfect figure to be successful. She said bob I don’t know anything you have to help me.
I asked have you met any dietician. She said no, I said we have professional dieticians; we have professional trainers & photographers obviously. Come i’ll introduce you to them & decide a perfect plan according to your body. She said alright then let’s go. I took her to the gym trainers, he told her about some exercises & she has to be regular with that. So he asked her to come daily & according to the progress we will go further. Then I took her to dieticians & she gave her a perfect diet plan. After meeting all the professionals, we decided to give a month & then we will shoot your pics.
I didn’t meet her for almost a month. After the month when she entered my room, I was stunned to see. She was wearing the same light pink color top & her bra size would be medium 28 size, her waste was now 26 size. She was looking gorgeous, I asked her come with me to the studio. I would like to shoot today. Then we both reached studio, I clicked few pictures of her but they were not coming that good as the body was fully covered except the waist. So I asked her to go & grab some good clothes & choose some good stuff’s so that I can see some of your body parts as there is need to expose a little bit.
She went there after few minutes she came back. I have not seen her so beautiful till that time. She choose black color top which was covering the boobs completely but her back was fully uncovered as it was tied with straps on the neck. Along with it she choose so small part of jeans which was just covering her hips. She had waxed her body, so her thighs & back were looking so good. I could felt erection inside my jeans after looking at her. We started shooting, she was giving some good poses but every time I was not missing any chance to touch her body while telling her pose like this or like that.
She was supporting so well. Then I showed her the pictures, she was very happy & gave a kiss on my cheeks. For few days, we went through the same routine & up till now I didn’t have got any view over her cleavage. I asked her to come for a dinner with me, she said yes. I asked her to dress in one piece as I am taking her to a party. In the evening I went her house to pick her in my mercy. When she came out she was wearing a black color one piece in which I can only see her cleavage if she bends but her thighs can be seen very easily. When she was entering the car, she bend a little bit & now I got a chance to see her small cleavage.
She sat & we kissed each other on the cheeks & again sensation went through my body & again I could feel the erection in the jeans. When we reached there, I grabbed the corner seats so that I can spend time with her. While talking to her I asked her if she has got any boyfriend. She said no I don’t have any boyfriend. I was very happy after listening that. Between the talks she squeezes my cheeks & kiss her on cheeks. We were holding each other’s hands. Suddenly our hands got away & now I touched her thighs & started caressing them.
She didn’t stop me at that. Then after a while she said this is so boring can we go some other place. I asked where you want to go, she said I am feeling hungry can we go & have some pizzas. So I took her to pizza hut, we had pizzas. Then after that we went to marine drive & spent some time together. We had good time together, we kissed each other & caressed her thighs, it was really good. I asked her if she drinks. She said every time she go to dance clubs, she takes breeze only. I asked her that I need a beer if you don’t mind. She said why I would.
So I took her to one of the pubs & I grabbed one beer & got breeze for her. When she dragged the breeze, I asked her to taste the beer & she took one sip of it, I asked did you like it? She said no that was horrible, I was laughing at her. She also started laughing & said yeah that was. So I brought another breeze & grabbed another beer for myself. We had good time there then I dropped her at her place. Before she got out of her car, we said goodbye & kissed each other’s cheeks. As she was about to get out of the car, I hold her hand & pulled her back & gave a small kiss on her lips.
She smiled back & gave the kiss back to me the same way. I couldn’t take off my hand away from the penis after that. Next morning, I was feeling a little low, so I decided not to go to the studio. I was resting in my place, playing with the penis. I received a call from Kareena, she asked where are you bob? I replied I am at home, where are you. She said I am at the studio for you. What are you doing at home? I replied just feeling little low, so I am not coming today. She in a very low tone said come on bob, you know I dressed up specially for you & you are saying no.
I replied dear I am so happy to listen that but, Ok you come here, we will shoot at my place. She got excited & asked give me your address I will be there in minutes. I gave her the address & said see you in minutes. She also said goodbye & gave a small kiss muahhh on the phone itself. Now I started changing clothes & spread perfumes everywhere. As she reached the place, I was pleased to look at her. She was just looking stunning. She was wearing a brown color top which was covering just above the nipples. That was the biggest cleavage I have seen from her. Her tummy was fully naked as the top was very small to cover that was the beautiful navel.
The bottom was a mini-skirt with a high heels. We bid hello, hugged & kissed on lips, as she enters the door. She sat on the couch & I brought the breeze for her & the beer for myself. We were sitting opposite to each other, so I asked her why are you sitting so far, come to daddy & sit on my laps. She smiled & came & sat on the laps sideways so the we can see each other. Now I put my right hand on her thighs & started caressing them while the other hand was holding the beer & touching the navel in between. My face was so near to her boobs that I was not been able to control myself.
So I kissed on the cleavage & she smiled back. Now I was getting lusty, so I quickly went & brought the camera. She asked wait what pose should I make? I asked just lie down & let me get few pics & do not take your eyes away from the camera. I clicked few pics of her thighs & few of cleavage as well. But both of us were not getting that feeling. So I asked her to come to my bedroom & we will click pics there. We went to the room & I asked her to get on the bed & do whatever you want. She stood on the bed & gave some pouting poses.
Then I felt naughty as I was feeling erection in my jeans since the start, so I asked her to bend half way down & look at the camera. She did without knowing that it will expose her boobs completely. Wow! What a scene that was. I clicked few pics of close up of the cleavage & nothing else. Surprisingly she asked me to show the pics of this pose & took away the camera. She smiled & said mm so your eyes were somewhere else. Bob I do not mind that if you click me whatever way you want but remember that it should not go outside of the house.
I said bebo you can trust me but I want one favor from you, if you don’t mind. She came near to me, kissed my lips & said anything for you baby. I asked I want to touch your boobs. She laughed you want touch them, you know nobody has got the chance yet, but I won’t say anything to you because you are the reason that I am getting chance in the Bollywood. So whatever you want I am yours. I was in heaven after listening those things & we started kissing. It was the first time that we were playing with the tongues & she grabbed my right hand & put on her right boob above the clothes. Now I took her in my hands & throw onto the bed.
I removed my t-shirt & jeans as well. She was shocked to see me like that but instead of saying anything she kept on smiling. Now she could see the erections of my 7?inch penis inside the underwear. I went on her as she was lying & grabbed her left boob & started kissing her. She was blushing at the same time she was excited as well. Then I removed the strap of the top from the left shoulder & took the boob out. I put my mouth at it & sucked completely in the mouth. Now slowly started licking it, it was so soft & so delicious. That was the best food of my life. I went on sucking it for quite a while, bit the nipples & she again smiled.
Her nipple was completely erect, so with help of her I removed her top. Now I have got two boobs to play with. As since the start, I was playing with the left one, I took the right one & sucked it completely, then bit the nipple to erect it as well. When the both became erect, I kissed her again, played with the tongue. So that she would feel horny & should be ready for sex. The time when she started biting my tongue, I got award that she is ready now. But I was not feeling that same, so I thought to get a blowjob first then sex. So I removed my underwear & took it close to her mouth.
She took it in her hands & started staring it as it was big according to her, I asked her to take it in her mouth. She asked in the mouth, I replied yes take it in the mouth & suck it. She didn’t understand what was happening but I forced her to suck it. She was doing it slowly as she was sucking a lollipop. I asked her do it fast take in & take out. She replied I don’t know about it, I have never done that. I said its ok try to do it fast take in & take out. Slowly but steadily she got the form & was doing it really well. After a while I was about to explode,
I thought if I cum inside her mouth right now she might feel offended. So I asked her to stop & removed her skirt. She helped me in that, then I took off her panty. There were very small hairs as she might not thought about it. I put my hand on her clitoris & started playing with it. She started moving as she was feeling tickling inside her body. I kept on playing it with the hand, now she pushed my head as she wanted me to lick it. So put my tongue there & started licking it as the tongue tornado. She explodes after a while & I sucked it till the smallest drop.
Actually I was showing her that these things should be sucked as it makes you even more horny. Then I looked for the love hole, Ohhh it was a virgin pussy so tight. I was very happy that she is virgin & I am getting the chance to fuck her. She would be a big star someday & might not look to me again but At least she will remember me as she lost her virginity to me. As the hole was very tight, I used my fingers to make some space to place my penis there. As I pushed my index finger inside she shouted a little bit ahhh, I said relax! I went & brought some cream & applied on my fingers & on the hole as well.
Now started caressing the hole with the fingers to make some space. First I pushed one finger & asked her is it better? She replied yes better than earlier but still it pains a little bit. I replied yeah baby because it is the first time that’s why it is paining, after a while you won’t feel the pain. She was feeling better by listening to my words & I went on inserting it, It took a while & few strokes to make the room in the hole. Now there was some space being built, so I pushed another finger. Then was quite a space, so I thought to insert the penis now. So I went & brought the condom & placed it properly on the penis.
She kept on looking whatever I was doing. This was the time when I can insert the penis into the hole. Suddenly she puts her hands to cover the hole & asked will it be okay? I me . If we do sex will it create any problem for my career or my figure. I replied baby if I fuck you in the asshole then it will create problem as your hips get wide & heavy as well but if we do sex in the love hole then it is fine trust me. She didn’t say anything & remove her hands & allowed me to fuck her. Guys I am about to fuck Kareena kapoor, no the Kareena kapoor.
Wow! Its actually unbelievable but you can believe, if you do it in your dreams. I pushed the penis & it was still for it as the penis is 2?inch wide. But I didn’t stopped & inserted, it was 25% inside & she screamed hh. I inserted 50% she again screamed Ahhhhh this was louder than previous so I took it out & started pushing it inside again. After almost 10 strokes, I tried to insert it further now there was some more space, so it went up till 75%. Again I started pushing in & out, in & out, in & out, in & out. Her scream started changing into moaning fromhh to Hm I love it bob, you can do little faster. So I did from fast to faster. She kept on moaning
That was great after many strokes, I asked her to stand like a doggy, then I fucked her in the doggy style. After few more strokes, I was about to explode. Now I wanted her to suck each & everything of it. So I took it out & placed it in her mouth. She again started sucking as she was sucking a lollipop. I was not appreciating that so I started pushing it in & out, in & out as her mouth was also a hole & I was fucking it. After few strokes in the mouth, I couldn’t control much & I exploded. Because of the explode my dream was end & I woke up & saw the liquid which flowed everywhere in the room. I laughed at myself but still was very happy to fuck the Kareena
Kapoor, whether it was in dream only. I hope you guys masturbated while reading it. I will bring many more different-different stories for you soon, so that you guys can masturbate more & more as I do while reading & writing. If you liked my writing then post your comments on the bottom along with your email id & if you have posted any stories then do mention the title along with the categories.  remember that I am a virgin so I bring you some good fun, Up till then goodbye & have fun.

Sexy Lips and HOT Figure

Hi this is rahul and this story is about my friend fucking my girl friend to prove that she is a slut to me.I was doing my graduation and I am in love with a girl called latha.She is superb figure with milky white skin,round face and great body.She has a 32D boobs and round ass.We are in love for some time and like anyother lovers we had our little quarrels and she threatned me that she is gonna dump me.
I was really worried about it because of the fact that we had a great deal of fucking and I was wondering how could she dump me now.I discussed the matter with one of my close friends karthik and he told me that she is a big slut and she has affairs with other people also. As expeted I didnt believe in him and he challenged me that he will fuck her with in two weeks time given the chance.
I was hesitant but said ok.I gave her number to him and he started talking with her on phone like a stranger.He used to tell me everything he talked to her and some times I used to be in conference listening to their conversation for long hours..In one of the conversations he was really flirting with her.
“Nuvvu chaala andamga untav telusa latha”.”Oh nijama? enti nu edo na boy friend I natlu poguduthunnav”.”em boy friend ithey ne pogadaala andam gurinchi” “ala kaadu kani,aina nu em chusavoy na andaanni?” “Nuvvu chupisthe kada chudadaniki,eppudu pai paine chupisthav” “Ey debbalupadathai stop it” “Enti sigga,nijam ga nu super untav telusa?” “Nijama?”
“Nijam nenu motham chudale kani..” “Ah Chusthe?” “Chusthe nenento chupistha”. “Ey stop it”.(“Do you know how beautiful latha?” “Oh really? you are flirting as if you are my boyfrien” “Oh why? Is it that only boyfriends should flirt of you beauty?” “Not like that,But you are saying as if you hav seen my beauty” “Only if you show beauty,i hardy get see anything”
“Hey stop it I ll kill you” “Felling shy? Really you have a great figure” “Oh really?” “Really,only I didnt see much..” “If you see???” “Then I ll show what I am” “Hey stop it”) After that she cut the call and I went off conference.Then I understood how much itching is she getting between her legs.The following day they went to a movie and they sat side by side and hand in hand.
His hand slowly left her and landed on her sholder.He played with her cheeks and left her cheeks and it crept down to her neck and slowly it found its way into her red top.She never resisted and down it went under the top and touched her right boob and he played with it and finally found her dark hard nipple.He pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger.
He cupped her right boob with his right hand and his lips linked with her lips and his left hand held her right hand tightly hand sucked her lips a few minutes.They had a nice little romance with him touching and boobs and sucking each others lips.It was late evening and they took a bus to her hostel to drop her off.
But their bus has stopped and in the mid way and she has to take a private vehicle to reach her hostel.He borrowed a bike of his friend and their journey started and so did their little romance,she hugged him tightly with her boobs crushing into his back and her hands playing on his thighs.
He stopped the bike a few hundred meters away from the hostel which is a lonely place from which she has to walk since no should see her coming on a guys bike.But Karthik had other plans he hugged her from behind and caught hold of her nice round boobs and started to knead her like a chapathi flour.
She never resisted and he turned her towards him and lifted her top touching her naked breast with his rough hand and cupped them and sucked them as if a baby sucking for milk.Later he tried to reach for her pussy for which she resisted,he guided her hand towards his 8inch long black hard python.She unzipped him and brought out his dick and started pumping it.
He asked her to suck his dick but she resisted as she dont like it.She never even gave me a blowjob.She rather continued to pump his thick dick with her hand and sucked each others lips and after a few minutes he exploded in her hand.She cleaned off herself and they both said good bye to each other and she paraded back to her room.
Later in the night they both talked over the phone for more than an hour and they had phone sex.They also planned to visit a hotel to quench their lust.On the follwing holiday late cloudy afternoon they went to a lonely beach and sat together with hand in hand and slowly started their romance and their hand in hand became hands on boobs and dick.
There she is too much tempted and asked him to get a room.But karthick said that this place is bad and there will not be any decent enough room.But she is soo very wet that she forced him to take any room and fuck her.Finally he got a room in a small hotel for an hour.
It is an open secret there that only couples come there to fuck and guys to fuck prostitutes and it is very evident that these two are going there to fuck by taking the room for just an hour. Karthick took latha to that hotel and paid Rs.400 for and hour and quickly slipped into the room.
Immediately after entering the room latha quickly took off her top with only a bra underneath and karthick bolted the door she was already nude.Wasting no time karthik took off his shirt and when she was just about to take his pant some one has knocked the door.Frightened she ran into the bathroom like chick with her boobs and ass jumping up and down like a tuning fork.
Karthick went to open the door and it was the hotel boy who came to ask “Sir do you need any condoms” and before karthick could answer his eyes went on to the bra and panty on the floor and dress thrown over the bed.WOnder what was going on in his mind.Karthick with and embrassed face said “No need”.
The boy left and he bolted the door and turned back and latha was peeping through half opened bath room door like a real slut with her one eye, half face and right boob visible from the door. Hope the boy didnot see or..She came out when the door is bolted and came near him.
They both linked their lips at the center of the room with his one hand crushing her buttocks and other working on the back.Her boobs were pressed hard to his naked chest.They were hard and they both kissed passionately with her right leg raised in air and rubbing his thigh over the pant with her naked milkey white thigh.
He broke the kiss and bent and held her mellons with her hand and helped her hard nipples into her mouth sucking them.She let out a moaaaan while he naughtily pressed her nipples under his teeth.He then again kissed her and removed his pant and undies at one go with her manhood springing to life like a cobra raising her hood touching latha’s belly.
He pushed her on to the bed and spread her legs wide and he smelt her pussy and when his coarse tongue touched her labia “aaaahhhhhhhh karthick” she let out a pleasureful moan.He worked his tongue into her pussy licking it vigoursly. She held his hair and his hands were kneading her sweaty boobs and pinching her nipples.
Aaaaaahhhh The pleasure for her was immense that she held her head tightly between her thighs.Her licked her clitoris and cleaned her wetness with his tongue.She finally cameee moaning ahhhhhhh karthick ahhhhhhh.Its soo nice.He then guided her hand to his penis to stoke it to which she did and asked for a BJ.
She opposed it and he gave a slap and she was shocked,he immediately shut her lips with his and again asked her to do it and she replied”I dont know how to do it” he looked into her eyes sharply and she hesitantly bent down to take his cock in her mouth to avoid further humiliation. She took his cock into her mouth and she slowly started to move her lips up and down his shaft.
He was pushing more and more into her mouth as if fucking her mouth and in no time she turned out to be a pro at sucking cocks.She touched his balls and pumped his dick faster.He showed that sense of urgency and he pulled off his dick and pushed her back on to the bed.He took her legs and rested them on his shoulder and started rubbing his cock round her vagina ever so tempting her.
she gave a naughty smile and took his cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy.And he pushed his dick with all energy and one go like a beast.It was a bit tight after all the lubrication, but for his sudden push her jaw has dropped.The expression was like the cock has come out of her mouth. He slowly starting bringing it out and in and out and started pumping her.
Ahhhhhh go deep karthi fuck ahhhhh and her moans made him like a mad bull and his thrusts took pace and power and he started pumping hard and fast.AAAhhhhhhhhh karthi oh fuck… karthi…and they both came and he fell on her like a dead bird.Before he could recover to fuck her secound time some one has banged the door.
They were shocked and before thinking of the worst the voice spoke “Time up sir”.Releaved they both dressed up and walked out.The boy was right next to the door and his looks were penetrating inside latha’s dress.His eyes were folling her swaying ass and jiggling boobs under her dresss.
Finally they left that sleazy place and she left to her hostel and he came to my room. He proved to me that my girl friend is a slut in just over a week.He even showed me a couple of pictures which he managed to sneak,one while she is nude and other while she is sucking his dick…

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